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Are you fully utilizing your employees’ knowledge and skills?  

Employees are your company’s most valuable resource. They are the gateway to your clients, customers and suppliers.

•    Do they feel that their ideas are being listened to and carefully considered?
•    What if they could submit their ideas any time they wanted and were assured that management would consider their ideas and receive a thoughtful response?
•    What if in response to questions, managers/supervisors were forthright and provided real answers/reasons?

Unfortunately, many managers/supervisors are so busy giving direction and orders that they fail to listen. This results in employees deciding to leave their brainpower at the door as they enter the workplace.  Employees with suggestions maybe viewed unfavorably.  In this environment, employees may elect not to participate or be involved or committed.  They can only be a number or a pawn when they think that no one cares. Accordingly, the company loses the employees’ brainpower, the source of their creativity, innovation, productivity, motivation and commitment.

Listening should be the norm for every manager/supervisor up to and including the CEO. Listening is also the doorway to gaining the commitment of all your employees. 

Many employees are eager for management to be open to their ideas, even if after careful consideration, these ideas are not implemented.

•    Why try to be creative to make improvements for the sake of productivity or quality, or make suggestions to reduce cost if no one will listen?
•    Why make an effort if management does not care what they think?
•    To be committed to their work, employees must have ownership of the work; employees must be able to influence what goes on in the workplace associated with that work assignment.
•    To influence the workplace, employees must be heard and reasonably answered by management.

The best way to develop trust is to open up a solid line of communication with your employees. Show them that you’re listening and that you truly care about their input.

•    When managers takes action which affect employees without giving them sufficient time to comment, employees may lose motivation.
•    When management shares with their employees all relevant information about the company which might be of interest to the employees, employees will develop a sense of ownership.

CVM offers a proprietary interview process designed to maximize the benefits of your employees’ knowledge and insight.

•   We tailor our unique ‘Employee Selection Criteria’ to  your business.
•   We work with you to select the most appropriate employees.
•   We conduct one-on-one interviews with these selected employees.
•   We report back our finding, observations and recommendations.

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