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CVM Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of training services. Our on-staff specialists can help you deal with difficult business issues. Our offerings include:

•    Federal legislation such as Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley  requires significant ethical oversight for public companies.  The only effective way to prepare for this oversight is to have a comprehensive Risk Management process producing the Internal Controls necessary to comply.

•    We offer Root Cause Analysis Training and facilitation. The ability to solve problems effectively is fundamental to ones success.  Unfortunately, we often operate on the misguided belief that problem solving is a search for the right answer.  In event-based problems, we believe a “Root Cause Analysis” provides better answers.


•    Communications is fundamental to a successful business, yet often times we communicate ineffectively, either failing to deliver the desired message or delivering a different message all together. Frequently, ineffective communications leads to conflict. CVM Training will enable your employees to communicate more effectively with customers, Supervisors and with one another. Our conflict management training will enable your employees to diffuse and resolve conflicts before they hinder business relations.

•    There never seems to be enough time to get things done and lack of time seems inevitably to lead to stress. This job related stress faced by today’s employees can sometimes seem overwhelming. CVM offers workshops in time management to help you and your employees make the most of their time both inside and outside the workplace. We also offer seminars to help your employees in coping with and minimizing the effects of job related stress.


•    Today’s emphasis on cultural and ethnic diversity makes it necessary for employees to understand and appreciate individual and cultural differences. Valuing diversity means understanding and respecting differences. CVM’s Trainings will result in more creative ideals and an improved working environment.

We also provide customized in-service training to meet your unique business needs.

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