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Today’s computer technology involves rapid changes and continuous improvements.

•    How is your company addressing the challenges of this dynamic environment?
•    Do you include technology planning in your business plan?
•    Is your company taking full advantage of your existing capabilities:  hardware, software, communications?
•    Are your computer systems helping you to increase  productivity or are they a millstone holding you back?
•    Does your company have an effective control, security and audit program surrounding new technology?

Let CVM Associates, Inc. help you answer these questions. We will work with you in evaluating your existing computer systems with the primary goal of improving your accessibility, responsiveness and productivity in this changing computer environment.

•    Is your existing hardware /software Mainframe, Client Server, Cloud or PC based?
•    Should you be using Internet, Intranet or Extranet?

We will help you maximize your systems capabilities and develop an evergreen plan for future opportunities.

•    Are you using commercial, customized or ‘home grown’ software?
•    Do you have a plan for where your computer systems need to be?

We will evaluate your exiting software and propose a modernizing approach filling any ‘gaps’ in your current software capabilities.

•    Are your computer systems providing your company with a competitive advantage?
•    Are you gaining value from your current computer systems?

The CVM staff is active in researching and evaluating the latest entries in the technology marketplace. Our independence allows us to recommend the best solution for your company, free of any ties with specific manufacturers.

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