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The implementation of new complex systems and processes automatically necessitate significant  organizational, process and technological changes which introduces substantial risks and challenges that must be properly managed and mitigated.

These exposures are financial, operational and compliance in nature. The integrated nature of today’s systems and business processes will require you to efficiently and effectively develop new methods and procedures to adequately control and manage your enterprise.

We are ready to help you.

We have consultants with years of combined experience in Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Operational, Retail and Commercial Financial Processes, Systems Interfaces, Functional Control Designs, Root Cause Analysis, Risk Assessment,  Security Access Controls, SAP Expertise and many others.  We provide management the assurance that risks are being properly addressed and managed.

We offer the following services to assist you in establishing internal controls to mitigate your Business Risk.

•    Policy Controls & Guidelines
•    SAP Business Process Controls
•    E-Business Controls
•    Risk Policy & Assessment Reviews
•    Root Cause Analysis
•    Controls Projects Management
•    Information System Security & Control Reviews
•    Internal Controls Framework & Development (COSO) Business   Continuity Planning Services
•    Vendor Assessment & Selection

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