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Manufacturing locations today are under pressure to cost effectively manage plant reliability through improved maintenance practices and information. 

Do your current systems provide adequately support  integration and consistency of information to plan, analysis and manage your work practices and support decision-making ?

Why is a more effectively management of plant reliability and costs important?

•    Plant Maintenance
     o    Enables a process shift focus from reactive to proactive maintenance
     o    Improve reliability & reduce maintenance work required
     o    Common Platform & Processes
     o    Execute maintenance work more efficiently

•    Procurement and Inventory Management
     o    Enable Supply Chain initiatives
     o    More Value per dollar spent

•    Turnarounds & Capital Projects
     o    Enable complete equipment history capture
     o    Enable optimizing turnaround scope to the right scope and the right  frequency
     o    Common Platform & Processes
     o    Execute large-scale accelerated pace projects more efficiently
     o    Provide up to date project management data

•    Financial & Cost Reporting
     o    Provide accurate and consistent cost data for plant maintenance, turnarounds & capital project spending

CVM Associates, Inc. on-staff specialists can help you evaluate your current systems and , if warranted, recommend alternatives.

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