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Any healthy corporation will have a business strategy that results in essentially adding value  to the shareholders, employees and community. There are risks in meeting that strategy and in everything we do.  It is essential that we understand the relationships between our environment, our objectives, performance, and risks.  With the current business environment, managing risks is more critical than ever before.

CVM Associates, Inc. provides Risk Management Services to meet your demanding Business requirements. Federal legislation such as Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes-Oxley requires significant ethical oversight for public companies.  The only effective way to prepare for this oversight is to have a comprehensive Risk Management process producing the Internal Controls necessary to comply.

To be successful you must have an effective Risk Management Process that is responsive to both the business and the climate in which it operates.  An effective Risk Management Process must be able to surface relevant and significant risks to the attention of management.  The corporation must insist the Risk Management Process is adhered to in all respects that it becomes a part of the corporate culture and that individual employees held accountable for its success.

CVM is skilled in providing Risk Management and Internal Control Policy implementation.  We will help you examine your entire business structure by identifying significant risks and developing risk treatment strategies to prevent loss.  We provide increased risk awareness by building an environment where significant risks are identified and treated while upside risks are taken and the rewards are realized. This requires commitment from senior management and a willingness on the part of line management to embed this practice into their everyday work.

It should be understood that the Risk Management Process is not an audit activity but rather provides a fresh approach on the significant risks that may prevent the business from reaching its objectives.  Developing a strategy to address and treat risks is the only way to ensure success.

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